In ancient times, there was an old man called Yu Gong(愚公) who was nearly ninety years old. Right in front of his house stood two high mountains, the Taihang Mountain(太行山) and the Wangwu Mountain (王屋山). Since they blocked traffic and caused much inconvenience, Yu Gong decided to move them away. 

So he called his family together to discuss this issue. His wife expressed her worries and doubts, but everyone else was convinced that they could move the mountains to the sea as long as they worked hard together. 

  A man named Zhi Sou(智叟) tried to stop them, saying, “How silly you are! Being old and weak, how can you move the high mountains?”

  ”You’re wrong,” Yu Gong sighed and said, “Look, my sons can continue my work after my death. Generations after generations and there is no end, but the mountains can’t grow higher. Why can’t I move them away?”

Yu Gong and his family continued their work unwaveringly, and their story moved the heavenly god. So he sent down two gods and they moved the two mountains away. Later, “Yu Gong Moved Away Mountains” (愚公移山) was coined as a saying to show that as long as one devotes himself and works hard enough, nothing is impossible.

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