Once upon a time, there lived an old man named Yugong, residing with his family in the confined space between two massive mountains. These mountains posed a significant obstacle for Yugong’s family, rendering life highly inconvenient.

Despite his advanced age, Yugong harbored an indomitable spirit. Driven by a desire to create a passage for his descendants, he resolved to move the two imposing mountains himself. Alongside his son, they tirelessly excavated earth and hauled stones, day after day, year after year. When someone ridiculed his seemingly futile endeavor, claiming the mountains were insurmountable, Yugong replied resolutely, “Though my life is limited, my perseverance is boundless. Even if I can’t complete the task, my children and grandchildren will persist, generation after generation, ceaselessly striving until these mountains yield.”

Touched by Yugong’s unwavering determination, the Emperor of Heaven dispatched two immortals to relocate the mountains. This story imparts a profound lesson about the triumph of persistence and resilience in overcoming adversity, a legacy to be transmitted through generations. The moral resonates—no challenge is too great when faced with enduring determination.

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