Who doesn’t love spring? The warmer weather, the blossoming flowers, the feeling of a new beginning… With the change of seasons just around the corner, let’s study the four seasons in Chinese. So our word of this week is春 – ‘spring’.


春 is pronounced chūn,


The original meaning of “chūn” was originally “the sun shines and all things become prosperous”. Later, “chun” was used as the name of the first of the four seasons. It also means “vitality” and “business”. 


春风满面 (chūn fēng mǎn miàn) 

As a metaphor for the expression of joy and comfort, this phrase describes a kind and pleasant face.

一年之计在于春 ( yī nián zhī jì zài yú chūn)

It is necessary to do more and do a good job at the beginning of the year (or day) to lay a good foundation for the work of the whole year (or the whole day).

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