The mouth is for speaking just as much as eating. Our word of this week is说 – ‘Speak,Talk;To persuade’.


说 is  pronounced  shuō / shuì .


说(shuō)means using words to express something. It has another pronunciation  shuì, the extension refers to “persuade others with words and cause them to according to your opinions.” Such as: persuading.


说长道短(shuō cháng dào duǎn)

It means gossiping about people behind their backs.

Eg. 他喜欢说长道短。

 He likes to gossip.

说客(shuì kè)

It means Lobbyist, i.e. one who is a persuasive talker.

Eg. 她的丈夫是一个说客。

Her husband is a lobbyist.

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