The eighth animal of the Chinese Zodiac is sheep 羊(yáng),  So, our word of this week is 羊-sheep.


羊 is pronounced yáng


The character羊(yáng) is hieroglyphs. Literally, it’s a mammal.

The ancients regarded a sheep as a “virtuous animal”, kind, benevolent, righteous, and courteous. Even though it has horns, it is not combative. Later, sheep became a symbol of luck.


亡羊补牢(wáng yáng bǔ láo )

Literally , it means mending the fold after the sheep have been stolen; or more literally, “better late than never”. It indicates that if you find a way to remedy a problem, you can prevent continued losses.

羊毛出在羊身上(yáng máo chū zài yáng shēn shàng)

Literally , the wool of the sheep is on the sheep itself, meaning “nothing is free” or “you get you paid for”. It has a derogatory meaning. 

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