In Chinese, characters are formed with three equal components, and in fact this is one of the main qualities of the structure of a Chinese character. In Chinese this is called “Character 品(pǐn) Structure” -品字结构(pǐn zì jié gòu). Our word of this week is品 – ‘savor’.


品 is pronounced pǐn.


The character品(pǐn) was first seen in the Oracle bone script in the Shang Dynasty and its meaning was “Savour”.

Pǐn is a really fun character made up of three mouths 口(kǒu)+口+口= 品(pǐn). It means “to savor something”. What better to depict this meaning than three mouths? 


品头论足(pǐn tóu lùn zú)

Literally: to assess the head and discuss the feet. Meaning: minute criticism of a woman’s appearance. 

品学兼优(pǐn xué jiān yōu)

Meaning: excelling both in morals and studies.

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