Food, clothing, housing and transportation are the basic necessities of human life . Our word of this week is 住zhù– ‘reside or stop’.


住 is pronounced zhù 


The original meaning of the character 住 (zhù) refers to a long stay or short rest in somewhere. The left part refers to 人 (rén) – people, the right part is 主 (zhǔ),which means “lord, master”. Later on, the word began to also denote the meaning, “to stop”.


衣食住行(yī shí zhù xíng)

It generally refers to the basic needs of life such as clothing, eating, housing, and transportation.

忍俊不住(rěn jùn bú zhù )

Meaning “One can’t help laughing”.

住口 (zhù kǒu)

Following the definition “to stop” this idiom means “shut up!”.

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