“Eyes are ‘raining’ for her, the heart is holding an umbrella for her, this is love.”—Tagore

Learning to speak about the weather is a basic aspect of any language. We have learned how to say snow and good weather, but what about rain? So our  word of this week is雨– ‘rain’.


雨 is pronounced yǔ or yù


雨(yǔ/yù) was first seen in oracle bone inscriptions in hieroglyphic form. The upper part of the character represents the sky while the small dots on the lower part are like small water droplets. The character can also be used as a metaphor for grace, moisturizing the earth and everything like rain. It is used as a verb in classical Chinese to refer to rain, pronounced yù. 


及时雨(jí shí yǔ )

A metaphor for timely help, this phrase refers to the rain that falls when the crops are in need of rain

梨花带雨 (lí huā dài yǔ)

Pear blossoms with raindrops. Originally described Concubine Yang’s posture when she was crying. Later used to describe the beauty of a woman.

雷声大,雨点小 (léi shēng dà, yǔ diǎn xiǎo)

The thunder is loud and the rain is small. It is a metaphor for making a big scene about doing something, but in reality doing very little. 

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