The fourth of the Chinese zodiac is兔– ‘rabbit/hare’.


兔 is pronounced tù/ chān


The character兔(tù/chān)was first seen in the oracle bone inscriptions in the Shang Dynasty. Its ancient character resembled a rabbit, and its original meaning was “the rabbit of the Lagomorphidae family”. 

Legend has it that white rabbits make medicine on the moon, so “rabbit” can also be used as a synonym for the moon. One of the eight planets, also became known as the “Rabbit Star”. “Rabbit” in this sense is pronounced chān.


守株待兔(shǒu zhū dài tù)

Literally, “waiting for the rabbit by the tree”,  the original analogy hopes to get a stroke of luck without hard work. It is also likened to being stuck in a constraining situation without knowing how to work it out.

狡兔三窟(jiǎo tù sān kū)

Literally, “the cunning rabbit prepares several hiding dens”. It means there are more hidden places or methods.

兔死狗烹 (tù sǐ gǒu pēng)

Literally, “When the rabbit is dead, the hunting dog is cooked”. It is a metaphor for people who serve the ruler and are abandoned or killed after completing their duties.

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