The words which are made up of three identical characters are interesting. We have learned that three 木(mù, tree) is 森(sēn, forest);  three 人(rén, preson) is 众(zhòng, crowd). What do you think of 鑫(xīn) made up of three 金(jīn, gold) ? So, our word of this week is 鑫 – ‘prosperity’ or ‘wealth.’ 


鑫 is pronounced xīn.


The character鑫(xīn) was first seen in Oracle bone script in Shang Dynasty, Its meaning is prosperity.

This is the most wealthy character because鑫(xīn) is made up of three 金(jīn, gold) . So, this word usually is used in names of people and shops, symbolizing prosperity, wealth and good profit.


鑫鼎(xīn dǐng)

Literally: 鑫wealth, 鼎 as the symbol of dynasty and power.  Meaning: Rich in money and power. This phrase can be used for shops and names

鑫鑫(xīn xīn)

Meaning: 金(jīn) meaning “gold” appears six times in this term. In the old days, the name of the store and the name of the person were used in this term, taking the meaning of gold and prosperity.

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