Paper is widely used in the world today and it is a huge part of our daily life. Our word of this week is 纸zhǐ– ‘paper’.


纸 is pronounced zhǐ 


纸(zhǐ)was first seen in Qin Jian . The original meaning refers to the wool-like residue attached to the bleacher when rinsing the silk floss. Later it was used to refer to the raw silk material. Today, it generally refers to the sheet made of plant fiber. 


纸短情长(zhǐ duǎn qíng cháng)

Literally, it means the paper is short, but the affection is deep. Meaning that deep affection can’t be written on a short paper. 

白纸黑字(bái zhǐ hēi zì )

Literally, it means black letters are written on a white paper. It is a metaphor which denotes that there is solid written evidence. Therefore, there is no room for denial.

洛阳纸贵 (luò yáng zhǐ guì)

Literally, it means papers in Luoyang (a city in China) is very expensive. It is a metaphor which indicates one’s works are valuable and widely spread.

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