As time passes, many things inevitably become old, such as people, cars, and styles. The question arises – how does one say “old” in Chinese? This week’s featured word is 老, meaning “old; experienced; skilled.”


老 is  pronounced lǎo.


The ancient character resembles the image of an old man with long hair holding a cane. The original meaning of “old” refers to an older person. It also refers to a long time, which leads to a series of meanings such as long-term, old, always, and experienced and skilled. It also extended to refer to a deep level, and under the guise of referring to extremes and greatness.


白头偕老(bái tóu xié lǎo)

It means to live together until the white hairs of old age. It can describe husband and wife love each other until they are old.

老谋深算(lǎo móu shēn suàn)It means think deeply and plan carefully. It can describe a man who make every move only after mature deliberation.

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