Mountain climbing is a  popular sport. Full of mountain ranges, China could be a mountain climbers dream. If you travel to China, you can’t miss China’s top ten famous mountains: Mount Tai, Mount Huang, Mount Lu, Mount Hua, Mount Wutai, Mount Emei, Mount Wuyi, Mount Wudang, Mount Changbai, Mount Putuo. Our word of this week is 山 – ‘mountain’.


is pronounced shān.


山(shān )- Its original meaning is an uplifted part of the ground made of earth and rock, i.e. a mountain.

The character “山(shān)” was first seen in the Shang dynasty. Its appearance is like the shape of three mountain peaks, with shadows of mountains and trees, which makes it recognizable as the word “mountain” at first glance. 


开门见山(kāi mén jiàn shān )

Literally, you can see the mountain by opening the door. It means to get straight to the point or the question.

人山人海(rén shān rén hǎi ):

Literally, it describes that there are many people gathered, like mountains and the sea, means a huge crowd of people

书山有路勤为径(shū shān yǒu lù qín wéi jìnɡ)

Literally, If you want to climb the mountain of knowledge, there is a path of diligence. It means one has to lay the foundations of success by studying and working hard. 

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