You’re busy, but you don’t know what you’re busy with. Sometimes being too busy makes us lose our minds. This week we will learn how to say busy in Chinese. So our word of the week is 忙- ‘busy’.


忙 is pronounced mánɡ.


The character 忙(mánɡ)consists of two parts. The part on the left is the 心(xīn)which means heart. The part on the right is 亡(wánɡ), which means death, destruction; to lose or to perish. So it’s not difficult to understand that being busy is “heart death,” it means that our mind has lost its function, such as sharp insight, clear discrimination, and rational judgment no longer work.


连忙(lián mánɡ)

Meaning:  promptly; at once.

忙里偷闲 (máng lǐ tōu xián)

Literally:to snatch a little leisure from a busy life. 

Meaning: Take some time out of your busy schedule to do other unimportant things or pastimes.

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