The five senses are what bring color to life. So our word of this week is 听 – ‘listening, hearing’.


听 is pronounced  tīng.


听(tīng)”Listening” is found in the Oracle Bone Inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty. The ancient character form is from the mouth to the ear, and the original meaning was that “the ear hears the mouth”. After listening to the opinions of others, one must obey in both thought and action, so it is extended to mean “obey and accept”.


听从(tīng cóng)

Meaning to obey or follow.

听风就是雨(tīng fēng jiù shì yǔ)

It is an idiom which literally means “to believe in the rain upon hearing the wind”. It can describe the one who is quick to believe what he/she hears.

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