Most people enjoy and even need some amount of praise, but without the adequate adjectives our praises may sound empty. So this week, we want to give you a useful adjective to describe a person’s character. Our word of the week this week is 劳 –‘industrious or diligent’


劳 is pronounced láo


劳(láo)The original meaning is labor, and refers to ordinary labor.  It can be an adjective 勤劳(qín láo)to describe a man who is diligent. It also can be a verb 劳动(láo dòng. It describes the activity of mankind to create material or spiritual wealth: i.e. labor.


他真是一个勤劳的人! (tā zhēn shì yí gè qín lǎo de rén)

This is a short exclamatory phrase used to describe a person who works hard.

徒劳无功(tú láo wú gōng)

This is an idiom used to express that all one’s accomplishments are in vain, or futile

不劳而获(bù láo  ér huò)

This is an idiom to describe reaping the fruits of others’ labor without laboring for oneself.

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