Our word of the week this week is the seventh animal of the Chinese Zodiac:  horse 马(mǎ)


马 is pronounced mǎ


The ancient form of the  character resembles the profile image of a well-equipped horse. “Ma” can also be used as a surname.


马上 ( mǎ shàng)  

Right away/ at once

千里马 (qiān lǐ mǎ)

Ten thousand mile horse. It is used to describe a person who is talented.

马虎虫 (mǎ hū chóng)

A phrase used to describe a careless person.

捅马蜂窝 (tǒng mǎ fēng wō)

Literally, “To poke through a hornet’s nest”. It is used to describe a person who approaches a difficult task resolutely.

招兵买马( zhāo bīng mǎi mā)

To recruit soldiers and buy horses. It describes recruiting a large army or expanding a business.

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