Music can bring people much joy. So you’d probably agree with us that it is only fitting that the Chinese character for “happy” can also mean “music”, with the distinction being in the way they are pronounced. Our word of the week this week is 乐 lè  or yuè  – ‘ happy or music’


乐  is  pronounced  lè  or  yuè


While both definitions are connected to the same character, their pronunciation is different. 乐(lè)is used to describe a person’s mood. It can be an adjective –快乐(kuài lè. This is an emotional response when feeling good, a state of joy and happiness. 乐(yuè)is used to describe  music or musical instrument.


幸灾乐祸(xìng zāi lè huò)

An expression which refers to people who lack good will and feel happy when others encounter disaster.

知足常乐(zhī zú cháng lè)

A Chinese saying which literally means “reaching a state of satisfaction brings happiness”. It describes the benefits and status you have gained.

乐于助人(lè yú zhù rén)

A saying to describe a person who happily takes the initiative to help people in need.

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