In spring, everything is full of color – vibrant flowers, green foliage… This week’s word of the week is quite useful for the season: 青(qīng)- green. 


青 is pronounced qīng.


青 (qīng) – Interestingly its original meaning was the color blue, blue ore or vegetation, and then extended to green and black. This word had a deeper meaning than merely a color, but also could describe something young or lush in appearance. Its meaning can extend to green grass, immature crops and bamboo slips.


鼻青眼肿 (bí qīnɡ yǎn zhǒnɡ)

Literally,The nose is blue and the eyes are swollen. It is used to describe serious facial injuries. Metaphorically, it’s also like a severe blow, something very frustrating.

不分青红皂白 (bù fēn qīnɡ hónɡ zào bái)

Literally,it means someone who cannot distinguish different colors. It is used metaphorically to describe someone who is arrogant or who acts arbitrarily, without any regard for reason or for what is right or wrong.

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