Do you know how to praise a man who is kind in Chinese?  There is one word in Chinese which gives you a few different ways to say this: 善 – ‘Good, Kind, Benevolent’.


善 is pronounced shàn.


善(shàn),Good, a commonly used Chinese character, first seen in the Bronze Age. Its original meaning was quite deep, “to speak like a sheep, with auspicious and beautiful meanings”. Full of altruism in its meaning, this word was extended to mean “friendly, kind, benevolent; good at, and praise”. 


善良(shàn liáng)

It means kindness or benevolence.

Eg. 我可以肯定,她既善良又聪明。

 I have no doubt she’s as good as she is clever .

善于(shàn yú)

It means to be good at…

Eg. 她非常善于表达思想。

She is very good at getting her ideas across .

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