When visiting a friend’s home, flowers are often the perfect gift. Our word of this week is 花 – ‘ flower ’.


花is pronounced  huā .


The ancient word for “花” is (华), which was first seen in the inscriptions of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Its original meaning was flower, and it was later extended to have many meanings including things like flowers, intricate colors, hypocritical, obscure, and used up.


春暖花开 (chūn nuǎn huā kāi)

Literally,it means “Flowers bloom during the warm spring”. It was used to describe the pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. It also can describe a good opportunity.

眼花缭乱(yǎn huā liáo luàn)

It is an idiom that means that “The eyes are confused by looking at many things”.  

闭月羞花(bì yuè xīu huā)

It is an idiom. Literally means that “Hiding the moon shames the flowers”. It was used to describe a female’s beauty exceeding even that of the natural world.

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