Three 木(mù, tree) is 森(sēn, forest);  three 人(rén, preson) is 众(zhòng, crowd).  Can you guess what would be the the meaning of 淼(miǎo)? It is made up of three 水(shuǐ), water and means ‘flood.’ 


淼 is pronounced miǎo.


The character淼(miǎo) was first seen in Oracle bone script in Shang Dynasty, Its meaning is “savor”.

淼(miǎo)is a character made up of three water水(shuǐ)+水+水= 淼(miǎo). With water appearing so many times in this character it makes sense that 淼 means “flood(n.)” or “ wide expanse of water(adj.).”


烟波浩淼(yān bō hào miǎo)

Meaning: a wide expanse of mist-covered waters


Meaning: A dim-expanse of water stretches as far as the eye can see.

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