Eating is perhaps one of the most critical things related to human life. Of course for most of us eating is an enjoyment, but at times it is truly a life and death matter. So our word of this week is 吃– ‘eat’.


吃 is pronounced chī 


The character 吃(chī)was first seen in the Warring States texts. The left part-“口(kǒu)- mouth”, refers to the organ of eating, and the right part-“气(qì)“, refers to breathing. The original meaning is stuttering, which means breathlessness and obstruction of speech, that is, stammering. The meaning later developed to mean “to eat”.


坐吃山空(zuò chī shān kōng )

Literally, if you only sit and eat, the mountain will also be empty; it means that if you only consume but don’t engage in production, even if there is a mountain of wealth, it will be exhausted.

吃得苦中苦,方为人上人(chī dé kǔ zhōng kǔ,fāng wéi rén shàng rén)

It means that after passing through all the hardships, you can gain fame and wealth and become someone respected and loved by others.

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