Words of measurement are very important in describing just about anything. Do you know how to say a drop of water in Chinese? It is “一滴水(yì dī shuǐ)”.  Our word of this week is滴 dī – ‘ dripping, a drop of ’.


滴is pronounced dī.


The original meaning: “The liquid falls down on a fixed point.” It can be a quantifier or verb. When used as a quantifier, it is generally used before liquid, which can mean “a drop”. It can mean “dripping” when used as a verb.


一滴水(yì dī shuǐ) 

It means a drop of water. 

水滴石穿(shuǐ dī shí chuān) 

It is an idiom meaning “Dripping water penetrates the stone.” It can be used to express that with steady perseverance you can accomplish your goals.

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