Staying hydrated is critical to human life, even more so than eating. So our word of this week is 喝– ‘drink’.


喝 is pronounced hē 


喝(hē)was first seen in Xiao zhuan in Shuo wen. This character relates to 口(Kǒu)meaning “mouth”. When it refers to drinking, it’s hē, When it refers to shouting loudly, it’s hè, When it refers to hoarse, choking , it’s yè.


喝倒彩(hè dào cǎi)

It refers to taunting or attacking with a hiss. It also refers to calls that express disapproval or dissatisfaction.

喝西北风(hē xī běi fēng )

Literally, it means survival only by breathing the north-western wind. It means one is so poor that he has no means of survival. 

当头棒喝 (dāng tóu bàng hè)

Literally, it means the Buddhist monks usually train the new converts with a stick or a loud shout to awaken him. Metaphorically, it means to suddenly wake up someone by a stern warning.

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