The fifth of the Chinese zodiac is龙– ‘lóng’, meaning dragon.


龙 is pronounced lóng


The character龙(lóng) is a hieroglyph .It was first seen in the Oracle Bone Transcript. The dragon was a divine object in the minds of the ancestors. It is a synthesis of the shapes of several animals and is decorated with imagination. It was later used to refer to the emperor or as a metaphor for extraordinary characters.


龙飞凤舞(lóng fēi fèng wǔ)

This phrase was originally used to describe the majestic winding and majesty of the mountain. Later it was also used to describe calligraphy as being powerful and flexible.

来龙去脉(lái lóng qù mài)

Literally, the mountain topography is continuous like a dragon. Later, it became a metaphor for the origin of people and things or the cause and result of things.

车水马龙(chē shuǐ mǎ lóng)

Literally ,the car is like running water, and the horse is like a dragon. It is used to describe a lively scene with lots of traffic and horses.

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