There are different kinds Chinese characters, with a big difference being in how the character is formed. One of the main character types consists of three equal components. Many Chinese characters follow this kind of structure, which are literal and overall very simple, yet there’s such a beauty in this simplicity. Our word of the week this week, 众(zhòng)is one of meaning ‘crowd.’ 


众 is pronounced zhòng.


The character众(zhòng)was first seen in Oracle bone script in Shang Dynasty, Its meaning is crowd.

As you can see, 人(rén)meaning “person” appears three times in this character. As the saying goes, “Two is company,  three’s a crowd”. Very easy to remember!


众口难调(zhòng kǒu nán tiáo)

Literally: It is difficult to cater to all tastes.  Meaning:  It is hard to please everyone.

众目睽睽(zhòng mù kuí kuí)

Literally: a crowd of people staring.  Meaning: under the watchful eyes of the people.

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