Weather has a big impact on our lives and has a big effect on our lives and feelings. Today we’ll expand our vocabulary around weather with the word  冷(lěnɡ)- cold/frosty.


冷 is pronounced lěnɡ.


冷 (lěnɡ),Its original meaning is “Cold, the weather is intense, which makes the water freeze”. It now has gone on to describe a feeling of  unwelcomeness. It is not just used to describe weather or temperature, but is also used for more subjective feelings to describe lack of warmth in a situation. 


心灰意冷 (xīn huī yì lěnɡ)

Refers to the loss of hope and courage, and depression.

泼冷水 (pō lěnɡ shuǐ)

A metaphor meaning  “to dampen the enthusiasm or interest of others”.

忽冷忽热 (hū lěnɡ hū rè)

Refers to sometimes calm, sometimes emotionally impulsive, emotionally unstable.

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