For many of us, cars are a huge part of our daily lives. So our word of this week is 车– ‘car’.


车 is pronounced chē 


车(chē)was first seen in the Oracle. It was a combat tool that had wheels and was driven by cows and horses. The term was later extended to mean transportation, vehicles, etc. Anything that has wheels and is driven by cows and horses.


车轮战(chē lún zhàn)

Use more people than the opponent to fight against each other. In turn, this will cause the opponent to fail due to fatigue. 

舟车劳顿 (zhōu chē láo dùn)

舟车(zhōu chē): Boats and cars, generally refer to all water and land transportation. 

劳顿 (láo dùn): 

Tired. Describes fatigue from a journey.

车水马龙 ( chē shuǐ mǎ lóng )

Cars are like running water, horses are like dragons. Describes a continuous, lively scene with lots of traffic and horses.

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