If you have already learned some Chinese, maybe you will know that林 (lín) means forest and 火 (huǒ) means fire. So, if we put the two together, what will happen? Our word of the week this week is焚 – ‘Burn.’ 


焚 is pronounced fén.


The character焚(fén) was first seen in the Oracle bone script in Shang Dynasty, Its meaning is burn.

林 (lín) means forest and 火 (huǒ) means fire. Now, imagine what would happen if there was a fire in the forest?  Well, surely somewhere that’s on fiiiiiire! Ruuun!


心急如焚(xīn jí rú fén)

Literally: To be as impatient as if one’s heart is on fire.  Metaphorically:  extremely anxious.

玉石俱焚(zhòng mù kuí kuí)

Literally: A crowd of people staring.  Metaphorically: under the watchful eyes of the people.

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