The beauty in Chinese characters can be found in their composition, history and meaning. 明 (míng) is a simple Chinese with beautiful meaning, which can be revealed by looking at this character closely. Its meaning is “bright”. 


明 is pronounced míng.


The character 明 (míng) was first seen in the Oracle bone script in the Shang Dynasty. Its meaning is “bright” or clear.

明(míng) is made up of the characters 日 (rì) and 月 (yuè), the “sun” and “moon” respectively. These are the two things that make the world “bright” and “clear.”


明星(míng xīng)

Literally: bright star. Meaning: celebrity.

明白(míng bai)

Literally: clear and white. Meaning: “to understand”.

证明( zhèng míng)

Literally: Evidence is clear. Meaning: to prove

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