Do you want to know more words to bless others? Our word of the week this week is 福fú -‘blessing; luck’.


福 is pronounced fú


福(fú) is an auspicious character. Its original meaning is (God) blessing, and later it extended to mean complete, blessing, good fortune,happiness, luck, etc.


福如东海(fú rú dōng hǎi)

Literally, good fortune is as boundless as the East China Sea.

作威作福(zuò wēi zuò fú)   

The original meaning was that only the king could monopolize the authority, reward and punish. Later it became a way to express the abuse of power by virtue of position .

身在福中不知福 (shēn zài fú zhōng bù zhī fú)     

Literally means “living in happiness does not feel happy”. It describes dissatisfaction with a rich life.

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