If you’re going to try Chinese food, you have to have dumplings. They’re delicious and are a huge part of the Chinese New Year – the biggest festival in China. They are also often a part of festive family reunions. 


饺is pronounced jiǎo


饺(jiǎo) means “dumpling”, Jiaozi, 

In ancient times, dumplings were originally referred to as “tender ears” (嬌耳 jiao’er),

because they were used to treat frostbitten ears. Tradition states that “jiao” were invented during the era of the Eastern Han (AD 25–220) by Zhang Zhongjing, a great practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. Who knew such a delicious and festive food was once valued for medicinal purposes! 


包饺子(bāo jiǎo zi )

to wrap jiǎo zi (dumplings or potstickers)

水饺(shuǐ jiǎo)

 boiled dumpling

煎饺(jiān jiǎo)

fried dumpling

茶壶里煮饺子(chá hú lǐ zhǔ jiao zi)

Dumplings in a teapot 

Used in situations where it is difficult to explain the problem clearly, or when something is poorly expressed and awkward.

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