We can hear the word shalom everywhere in Israel, which means peace. Is there anything humans long for more than an environment of peace? In Chinese the word 安  is the word for ‘peace’.


安 is pronounced ān.


The character 安 (ān) was first seen in the Oracle bone script in Shang Dynasty.  Its meaning is peace. Here, we see the radical 宀(meaning roof), with the character for woman, 女(nǚ), underneath it, associating peace with femininity, and suggesting that an ideal household is managed by a caring and persevering woman. 


安乐窝 (ān lè wō )

Literally, a cosy nest. Meaning a place of ease and comfort.

安家立业 (ān jiā lì yè)

Literally, to set up a home and establish a business. Meaning: A stable household and an established profession.

安于现状(ān yú xiàn zhuàng)

Literally: to feel content with  one’s current situation. Meaning: to be happy with the status quo.

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