Many times when filling out a form, you need to indicate your gender. Do you know how to say male and female in Chinese? This week we will first learn how to say male in Chinese.


男 is pronounced nán


The character 男(nán)was first seen in the Oracle bone transcript in Shang Dynasty.  Its meaning is man or male.

The upper part of this character is “田”(tián)which means farmland. The lower part is “力”(lì)which means force or work.

The word 男(田+力)means those who work in the cropland. This stems from the fact that in the ancient Chinese agrarian society, men were the main labor force.


男才女貌 (náncáinǚmào )

The man is capable and the woman is beautiful. It is mostly used to praise newlyweds or young couples.

男女平等 (nánnǚpíngděng)

Equality of men and women

男大当婚 (nándàdānghūn)

A man should get married upon coming of age.

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