Whether in Eastern or Western culture, family has always been a very important part in
everyone’s heart. So, our word of the week is 家(jiā), meaning ‘home, family’


家 is pronounced jiā.


The character 家 (jiā) was first seen in Oracle bone script in Shang Dynasty,  Its meaning is home or family.

The top portion of the character for “home” is 宀, which represents a roof. The bottom part is 豕 (shǐ), an old character for “pig” or “swine.” How did “a pig under a roof” come to mean “home”? In the old days, those who were able to raise pigs were considered well-off, because they had ample food to eat. Thus, the character 家 (jiā) represents the aspiration of a well-fed household.


四海为家 (sì hǎi wéi jiā )

Literally: make a home wherever you are. Meaning: to talk about those who, because of lofty ideals, can settle anywhere they are needed.

冤家路窄 (yuān jiā lù zhǎi)

Literally: enemies on a narrow road. Meaning: an inevitable clash between opposing factions.

家家户户(jiā jiā hù hù)

Literally: each and every family. Meaning: every household

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