Chopsticks can be made of bamboo, metal, plastic and also other materials. Chopsticks represent anything in the world becoming a pair. If you lose one part, the other part will not be able to survive.

This week, we continue to learn about the taboos of using chopsticks.

The first point is not to stick your chopsticks vertically in the bowl. Usually for convenience, people will pass someone a rice bowl with chopsticks stuck vertically in it.However, this is considered socially unacceptable since it reminds people of burning incense sticks in the pot to sacrifice for the dead.

Chopsticks are used widely in China

The proper way is to pass the chopsticks beside the bowl rather than stuck into it.

Don’t use chopsticks to tap the bowl. As an old saying goes “Tap bowls and you will be a beggar for life”. In the past, only beggars tapped on objects to attract people to give them money. 

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