Chinese people have been using chopsticks as their tableware for 3,000 years. The use of chopsticks is very particular in daily life. However, When using chopsticks, people need to pay attention to certain taboos: 

1. Before or during the meal, chopsticks of uneven length cannot be placed on the table. If they are left at uneven lenghts, it is considered unlucky. We usually call it “three long and two short”, which means “death.”

Chopsticks are used widely in China


2. The method of using chopsticks should be correct. When you use chopsticks, you should not use them to point at others. This is taken as accusing others, and is considered to be the same as swearing.

Chopsticks are used widely in China

That’s it for today’s introduction. Next time we will continue to learn about the taboos of using chopsticks.

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