Taijiquan (or as known in the Western World – Tai Chi) is much more than just boxing. While it was initially developed as a form of self-defense, it developed into something far more inclusive. Taijiquan combines the medical, meditative, and martial arts creating a sense of emotional well-being, health and physical strength.  

The Five Schools of TaiJiQuan

Taijiquan has existed for nearly a thousand years, and as such it is only natural that many different styles would develop. While there are many variations, the five most common schools include the Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun and He styles, with the Yang style being the most popular worldwide. They each originate from the same source and have many similarities, but each one has a slightly different focus. When considering beginning Taijiquan, it is recommended that you see which style best fits your needs. 

The Benefits of TaiJiQuan for Mind, Lungs,and Spirit

Taijiquan requires single-mindedness and full concentration. In Taijiquan the concept is that one is moving according to the sensations of the body, fluidly changing poses, without pause, according to the messages the body is giving you. The soft, gentle movements make this form of exercise good for people of all physical conditions and ages. It involves deep breathing which promotes both mindfulness and healthy lung function. 

Taijiquan has many health benefits. It promotes balance, joint strength, lung health, and depression relief. It is even said that it can relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia. As such, it is an excellent form of exercise for the elderly, asthma sufferers, or anyone looking for that inner sense of calm. A person looking to experience the benefits of Taijiquan should work it into his or her daily routine for the long run. This daily routine can provide amazing effects on one’s well-being and daily life. 

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