In the Qin Dynasty, there was a powerful and evil advisor named Zhao Gao. Zhao Gao wanted to rebel, but he didn’t know how many people in the court would be on his side. So he devised a way to test the people.
He presented a deer to the court as a tribute to the emperor, saying that it was a fast horse. The emperor did not accept his explanation and said, “This is obviously a deer. Then Zhao Gao took the opportunity to ask the court, “Is this a deer or a horse?” In the court, those who didn’t dare go against Zhao Gao agreed with him and said it was a horse, and those who dared go against Zhao Gao said it was a deer.
Later, Zhao Gao remembered the advisors who didn’t agree with him and persecuted them to consolidate his power.
This story is still popular today. People use it to describe someone who calls white black.

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