In ancient times, there was a man called Zhang San. He worked very hard until one day he had finally saved 300 taels of silver. Being so satisfied with his accumulated treasure, he decided to put the silver into a safe place. After much consideration, he finally buried them in the corner of his backyard. Nevertheless, he still worried that somebody would come and steal his silver. Finally, he got a “good idea” and put a note near the buried place saying “No 300 taels of silver are buried here”. Then he left in peace. Unfortunately, his next door neighbor, Wang Er, saw the entire scene. The following night at midnight, after Zhang San fell asleep, Wang Er came and stole all the silver. But he also left a note before he went away which said “Your neighbor Wang Er didn’t steal them”. 

No 300 Taels of Silver Are Buried Here

Later “No 300 taels of silver are buried here(此地无银三百两, cǐ dì wú yín sān bǎi liǎng” became coined as a saying which  means that someone wanted to hide something, but instead he or she exposed it. 

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