Kong Rong (153-208 CE) is a famous writer in Chinese history. He was very clever even from childhood. But what makes him famous in history is his respect, love and care for others. Perhaps the most famous story depicting this comes from a time when he was just four years old.

Brothers love each other.

Kong Rong had five older brothers and one younger brother. One day his father bought some pears and gave the biggest and best one to Kong Rong. To his father’s surprise, Kong Rong chose the smallest one instead. His father asked, “Why did you take the smallest one?”. He answered, “Because I am the younger brother. The biggest one should be for my eldest brother.” His father smiled and asked again: “But you are older than your younger brother, so he should have the smallest one.” Again Kong Rong replied: “Yes, because I am older than he is, I should leave the bigger ones for him.”

Kong Rong was only four years old at that time, but he already knew to consider others before himself. The story of Kong Rong’s generosity spread quickly, and since then it has been handed down throughout the generations. What he left was not only pears, but also respect, love and thoughtfulness towards others.

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