How many foods do you know that have been hugely popular for more than 1900 years? While it may be rare to find many foods that fall in this category, Chinese Hot Pot certainly is one. It originated around the year 220 CE whether during the period of China’s Three Kingdom’s or in the Han Dynasty.

How to Cook Hot Pot 

Hot pot generally refers to a cooking method in which a pot is used as an appliance, a heat source is used to boil the pot, and water or soup is used to boil all kinds of food. What is unique about Hot Pot is that it is cooked while eating. The heat source and pot are on the table with different sauces as well for dipping once the food is cooked, while raw meats or vegetables are around the table to be put into the soup… It is a very communal cooking and dining experience, in which everyone sits around the table and puts their food of choice into the Hot Pot to cook. In addition to the communal aspect, the food is quite literally “fresh off the stove” as you eat it.  What more can you want? 

Hot pot – An Expression of Culture

Hot Pot is a food that is suitable for anyone, young and old alike. It is not merely an incredible food. It is an expression of culture. While eating hot pot, men, women, young, old, relatives and friends, surround the steaming hot pot while conversing and enjoying the warm atmosphere. It is the perfect meal to express the Chinese culture of family reunions

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