Learn Chinese with us

Language is more than just words.
Language is an expression of a culture.
We teach Chinese in the context of the culture.

We provide a platform for Israelis who want to study Chinese. We teach Chinese in a cultural context to equip the students with the language skills and confidence they need for travel, study, business and more.

Cultural Activities

Make Chinese food like dumplings and hotpot.

Enjoy traditional Chinese games and crafts like calligraphy, paper cutting, and chess.

Discover more about Chinese festivals like spring festival, mid-autumn festival.

Chinese Dumplings

Chinese Corner (Language Practice)

A weekly opportunity to practice speaking about tourist Chinese or business Chinese and other fields.

Fun, interactive groups with a Chinese teacher.

Improve your pronunciation.

Learn every-day expressions and expand your vocabulary.

Chinese Dumplings

Our Focus Is On You

Native teacher, interesting class and convenient time.

Weekly Classes

2 classes and 1 additional practice session per week included.

6 Levels Of Chinese

From beginner to advanced, study according to your level.


Convenient Class Time

2 hours of morning and evening course options are availiable.

Native Chinese Teachers

Professional, experienced, and passionate about teaching.

Online Course

Live, interactive classes. Learn from anywhere on the internet.


Focus On Speaking

An extra one-hour session each week to practice speaking.

Choose Your Course

Different courses are offered in each month , choose the best one that fits you.

Beginner Chinese Level 1

More course time is available…

₪ 1200 / ₪ 500

Elementary Chinese Level 2

More course time is available…

₪ 1200 / ₪ 900

Intermediate Chinese Level 3

More course time is available…

₪ 1600 / ₪ 1300

Upper-Intermediate Level 4

More course time is available…

₪ 2000 / ₪ 1600

Advanced Chinese Level 5

More course time is available…

₪ 3800 / ₪ 3000

Proficiency Chinese Level 6

More course time is available…

₪ 4400 / ₪ 3400


Let’s see what our students say about us.

I have been able to pass the Ministry of Tourism Chinese language exam. 谢谢老师!more

East West Language School is a phenomenal place to learn chinese. The staff are all friendly and professional. Anna is a remarkable teacher. She is diligent, methodical, and quickly adjusts to your level while guiding you on how to use new vocabulary and sentence structures. Her knowledge of how to teach chinese as a second language, especially when it comes to using the language for communication purposes, is superb. She helped me improve my speaking and reading skills tremendously and thanks to her and the school’s efforts
Course evaluation:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

—— Elias

I just finished a beginners course at the East-West cultural center, which was fantastic. more

The teacher presented in the course not only the required systematic learning materials for HSK, but also extracurricular materials such as culture, poems, food and history. I highly recommend it!
Course evaluation:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I very enjoyed the class and was positively surprised Although it was a group coursemore

I’ve finished a level 1 course with Simon, very enjoyed the class and was positively surprised. Although it was a group course, the teacher had a personal attitude towards every student in the class, so I knew what subjects i should practice more and pay attention to.
I could communicate with Simon outside the lesson and he always answered and explained things i wanted to improve.
He teached us not only the grammar, but also explained about the Chinese culture and traditions. This made the material very interesting and gave me more motivation to study.

I definitely recommend this course to anyone who plans to learn Chinese

Course evaluation:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

——Alex Lykov

I truly recommend to anyone interested to learn Chinese to join the course,I just finished themore

first part of the basic Chinese language course given to us by Joshua.I truly enjoyed the course – it was delivered in a good atmosphere, with attention to every person in the group and covering each chapter in detail. We covered also some Chinese culture topics which added fun points to the course. I truly recommend to anyone interested to learn Chinese to join the course and thank you Joshua for your patience with all of us 😊
Course evaluation⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

——Ziki (李志诚)

Highly recommend to anyone who wants to study Chinese! I’ve just finished a course more

I’ve just finished a course with Zhang Wenke. He is very patient and attentive, always explaining things down to the smallest of details and unique parts of the grammar. Always was happy to give extra information and share his knowledge.

The course combines studying modern Chinese along with understanding the traditions and culture of China. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to study Chinese

Course evaluation:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

——Marina 马丽娜

Listen, I didn’t expect this at all. If I wouldn’t try – I would never guess how much fun it is. more

I signed up because I wanted to learn Chinese for several years now, and suddenly I saw this free trial.
If I wouldn’t try – I would never guess how much fun it is. I was sure that I wouldn’t remember anything, that it would stress me out, but LaoShi Joshua made the process so fun and easy, that you won’t believe it – I was able to remember almost everything. This teacher is just a magician. All the patience he has for the students, the pleasant atmosphere he creates in class – makes me feel comfortable asking anything, and even though we were a few students, he made us all feel special. He even understood all of my hesitant questions! That is a great talent 😊

Joshua, I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful experience!

Course evaluation:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

—— Rachel

Highly recommend to anyone interested in learning the language and its culture.more

I want to say that the level of learning is above expectation, the personal attitude that the lecturer gives just pushes you forward and makes you want to learn and understand the language.
Highly recommend to anyone interested in learning the language and its culture.
Course evaluation:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

—— Snir Ifergan(施宁)

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Find more Chinese culture and Chinese characters.

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