Over 2,500 years ago, in China’s Chunqiu Dynasty, a man from the State of Chu encountered a challenge when his sword plunged into the river during a boat journey. The boatman offered to retrieve it, but fearing the swift water, the man from Chu opted for a different approach. He marked the boat with a cut, claiming his sword fell there and would be retrieved upon reaching the dock.

Upon arrival, the man hastily undressed and plunged into the water at the marked spot, only to find nothing. Laughter ensued from fellow passengers. The story imparts a lesson on adaptability and a developmental perspective. The man’s rigid plan failed, emphasizing the importance of adjusting strategies amid change. The tale encourages openness to evolving situations rather than adhering to fixed plans in navigating life’s unpredictable currents, offering a timeless reminder from ancient China’s wisdom.

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