As the saying goes, “The palest ink is better than the best memory”, we need to write something down to help us to remember. And do you know how to express “write” in Chinese? So, our word of this week is写 – ‘write’. 


写 is pronounced xiě.


The character写(xiě)was seen in the Warring States. It is composed of the words “宀、与”. The original meaning is to be written with a pen, referring to “tracing, narrative”, and also used as a surname.


轻描淡写(qīng miáo dàn xiě)

The original meaning is painting lightly with a light color when drawing. Now it often refer to talking and writing articles to lightly pass important issues.

直写胸臆 (zhíxiěxiōngyì)

Chest vision: chest cavity, inner heart, extended to mind. Express your thoughts and feelings straightforwardl.

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