Since 1985, September 10th has been celebrated as Chinese Teacher’s Day. It is a day for students to express their gratitude and appreciation to their teachers, who are respected and honored for their contribution in teaching and more. 

As one of the respected professions in China, teaching plays an important role in Chinese history. There is even a saying that “if you are being taught by someone even for one day, you should treat him like your father for the life time(一日为师,终身为父yī rì wéi shī,zhōng shēn wéi fù)”. So on Teacher’s Day, students will send greeting cards to their teachers, or host some activities like singing a song or making a poster to give thanks to their teachers. Don’t we all remember at least one teacher who left a deep impression on us? Maybe the teachers who leave the most lasting impressions are not the ones who merely impart knowledge, but also teach you how to be a better person, or even give you a positive turning point in your life. Happy Teacher’s Day!

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