In the previous article, we learned that the clock is a very inappropriate gift for the Chinese. the following two gifts are also very impolite for lovers.


Fruit is one of the most common gifts when visiting relatives and friends. However, some fruits are not suitable, especially pears, because “梨(lí,pear)” and “离(lí, leaving or parting)” are homophonic, So, pears are not suitable for couples and lovers.

Chinese Gift giving Culture-Taboos


Umbrellas are not usually given to friends as gifts. Umbrellas are a bad idea to give as gifts, because the Chinese word for “umbrella” (伞, sǎn) sounds like the word for ‘breaking up’ (散 sàn). Giving somebody an umbrella may imply that you want your relationship with them end. Giving a married couple an umbrella suggests that you want them to break up or get a divorce! Of course it’s really good to give a friend an umbrella on a rainy day.

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