Chinese Gift giving Culture-Taboos (3)

Chinese Gift giving Culture-Taboos (3)

Florals have played a role throughout human history and mankind has been using flowers to communicate for hundreds of years. However, the meaning and traditions may change from place to place. This article will tell you what flowers are not suitable as gifts...
The taboos of chopsticks culture(1)

The taboos of chopsticks culture(1)

Chinese people have been using chopsticks as their tableware for 3,000 years. The use of chopsticks is very particular in daily life. However, When using chopsticks, people need to pay attention to certain taboos:  1. Before or during the meal, chopsticks of uneven...
Word of the Week:  Bamboo  – 竹 zhú

Word of the Week: Bamboo – 竹 zhú

Bamboo with pine and plum forms the pattern known as “three friends in chilly weather”. This week we will learn the word竹 zhú – ‘ bamboo ’. Pronunciation 竹 is pronounced zhú. Meaning This character竹 (zhú) was first seen in the oracle bone inscriptions of the...
Word of the Week:  Dripping  – 滴 dī

Word of the Week: Dripping – 滴 dī

Words of measurement are very important in describing just about anything. Do you know how to say a drop of water in Chinese? It is “一滴水(yì dī shuǐ)”.  Our word of this week is滴 dī – ‘ dripping, a drop of ’. Pronunciation 滴is pronounced dī. Meaning The...
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