Anhui Cuisine-one of the eight most famous cuisines in China.

In China, there are eight well-known traditional cuisines. Among them is the Anhui Cuisine, also known as Hui Cuisine. With peasant origins, this cuisine is known for its simple preparation methods and its use of wild plants, herbs and animals.

History of Anhui Cuisine-more than 1000 years

Amongst the eight traditional cuisines, most are known for their uniqueness of flavor. Anhui cuisine, however, is not so. In fact, its foods are generally quite simplistic. So how did it become one of the eight major cuisines? The answer is in its history. 

Anhui Cuisine originated in the Huizhou region of China during the Tang and Song dynasties (618-960 AD). It is believed that Anhui Cuisine became famous via the merchants. Others say that restaurants popped up all over the nation to cater to the merchants and therefore served them their home cuisine. Either way, Anhui cuisine made it into the eight traditional cuisines of China. 

The formation of Anhui cuisine-closely related to geographical environment

Huizhou is particularly rich in wild plants, herbs and wildlife due to its location in the cross-zone of two climates. It is a mountainous region with forests. There are more than 1,470 kinds of plants in Huangshan, many of which are edible.

This is the special bird in China
Mashroom was decilious food in China
Chou'Dou'Fu is decilious but with a terrible smell.

One of Anhui Cuisine——stinky tofu

According to Chinese legend, stinky tofu was created by Anhuinese scholar Wang Zhihe. Wang Zhihe had failed the imperial examination and therefore turned to selling his products in Beijing in order to make a living. In Anhui, stinky tofu remains a popular snack to this day. The people of Anhui evaluate stinky tofu mainly based on its spiciness.

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